26th OCTOBER 2019
Writers' Forum
Ross Library 10am-12pm
The Agony and the Ecstasy.
This event is for all those writers out there who have written a novel, a poem or short story, or just a reader interested in the creation of books.
Come along and hear from three local authors about the process of writing their masterpieces and the struggle to get them into print.

Contact Anthony for more information

Featured writers will be Bob Laetham, known locally as Bronco Bob or Ice Cream Bob, creator of art from the stuff people throw away, ice cream seller and writer of the great Australian yarn. His book The Commander is about a mob of cowboys living in the Australian Alps who bred a top race horse but then...........

Kelly Ethan will be one of our guest authors. She is the mother of three demanding young lads and escapes into writing small town magic, mystery and mayhem. She can be found plotting her next fictional murder or chasing after the family's ferocious hellhound. Kelly is currently working on her Point Muse series which is cozy paranormal mystery.

Finally there's me: Anthony E Thorogood, cider maker and world traveller. I have written the Jack Hamma Action Adventures starting with Shakespeare on the Roof, the Bigfoot Littlefoot and West crazy whodunits. Put Death in the Australian Outback on your reading list. I have also written a book on cider and even a cookbook and will talk about creating not just fiction but 'How To' books.